Digital Magician USA


Have you heard of a Digital Magician or a Technology Magician?  Keelan Leyser is the UK’s most prominent Digital Magician, having performed on over 100 primetime television shows in over 60 countries Keelan is your go to person for Digital Magic.

So if you are wondering what the difference is between an iPad Magician and a Digital Magician well a Digital Magician is more versatile in the fact that we aren’t restricted to an Apple iPad or iPhone.  A Digital Magician uses a whole array of devices from a range of manufacturers like, Samsung, Acer, Microsoft, Siemens, HP, Gigaset, Sharp to name a few!

Digital Magician Keelan Leyser has created Digital Magic stage shows using 8 iPads, to Large 60 inch LED screens, to Hugo projection screens, to 12 LCD screens.  Keelan’s digital magic fuses and blends the real world and the digital world together into an act that will be sure to be the talking point of your event.

Contact Digital Magician Keelan Leyser now to see how his technology based magic can transform your event and bring it bang up to date!